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Who We Are

Photo By Andrew Joseph Segreti

We are so fucking fun.
(photo by Andrew Segreti)

Tuyet Nguyen, editor/publisher, small Asian girl, retail clerk, boutique shopper, and also one of the mothers of DenverFest.

Anthony Farfalla, editor/publisher, social anthropologist, bartender, landscaper, founder of Track Attack, and also rides his bike faster and harder than most.

Taylor McFadden, fashion director, hair stylist, coordinator of photo shoots and runway shows, and an ardent non-smoker/yoga enthusiast.

Kristy Koopman, assistant fashion director, interning stylist, computer gal, and helper of all things style-related.

Laura Webb, reviews editor, redhead, lover of music and all related things such as festivals and record stores, and hater of cameras.

Maggie Moody, editorial intern, writer, bartender, and has the best fake-sounding real name ever.

Travis Egedy, writer, visual artist, performance artist, curator, lives at Rhinoceropolis, and wears some whack-ass crazy fucking shirts.

Aaron Collins, writer, vocalist for Machine Gun Blues, kickball player, and wearer of those weird pastel-colored American Apparel briefs.

Sid Pink, columnist, local personality, lounge suit guy, and grower of creepy mustaches.

Jeremy Peterson, design & branding, VP of ink & impressions at Matter Studios, visual projection image maker, and collector of beards.

Christopher Rapoza, events manager, staff go-getter, bartender, and also rides a Cannondale bike with sick Ksyrium rims while wearing cut-off sleeveless shirts.

El Brian, resident DJ, bringer of fun, bear hats, and gold teef.

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