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Short on Gas, Looking for Grass.

Posted in Tales From the Road by roadeagle on November 1, 2008

Luke of Git Some.

Luke of Git Some.

October 31, 2008

Howdy, I am in Leon, Spain. We got put up in the youth hostel. Awful nice place they got here, bunk beds and everything, but the shower is cold as fuck!

We went to France. Le Havre, it’s in Normandy, which pretty much got annihilated in WWII, so all the buildings in town are new. Our good friend Rulio put the show together at an Irish pub, which is kinda weird… and since we had to cross borders, we didn’t bring any grass to smoke, so we were all kinda stressed. Plus, our driver almost ran the van out of gas—TWICE! We got a Mercedes Sprinter (that’s how we roll, y’all), which runs on diesel; so if you run a diesel engine outta gas, you will fuck it up real bad.



Git Some is Most Definitely Not Sober.

Posted in Tales From the Road by roadeagle on October 31, 2008

Chuck from Git Some. Shreddin' the nar.

Chuck from Git Some! Shreddin' the nar.


The van got towed and it cost Rainer (he’s renting the van to us) a shitload of money to get it out.

We cruise to Stansted Airport—it’s on the other side of town—to pick up our booking agent/driver (Mike) and his lady (Beatrice). They’re flying in from Italy, and Mike is taking Beatrice on tour with Git Some for her 22nd birthday (which was September 20th). What a gift! Fuck. “Yeah, baby. Rock tour for a month with the dirtiest dudes from the States I could get. I love you, baby.”