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No Coast Classic: Round 2

Posted in Uncategorized, We Party Pretty Hard by fkngmtns on May 27, 2010


The Denver No Coast Classic is a distinct blend of fixed gear bro-bras and classy kids with nice hair cuts. An indoor virtual time trial race set to the tunes of Denver’s best DJs, this is a party hybrid that will blow your pants off. The infamous local bike gang “The Rim Jobs” will be in attendance, and word on the street has it that a few cruiser clubs might stop by.  It might get ugly.

Race is open to all riders and bikes are provided. Riders can race as many times as they want, with prizes for the best times.

Dance party for all those willing to cut loose.

Come watch, race, and get down.


Saturday, June 6th at 9pm

The Lost Lake Lounge (3602 E. Colfax)


Sponsored by:

Track Shack, DVLP, Coastless, and PBR


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