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Put this in your ear: Modern Witch

Posted in Social Life by fkngmtns on April 5, 2010


photo by McMogey


A few nights ago, I ran into Mario Zoots and Kristy Fenton on S. Broadway. Apart form being one of the most sincere and enduring power-couples I know, they are both amazing artists and musicians. While Kristy spends most of her time in Amsterdam, the couple manages to stay together and produce amazing music in their band Modern Witch. After a few words, Mario sprinted away to grab a CD out of his car. He rushed back and delivered a freshly burned copy of their new album.  Holy Fuck.

I’m not big on the weirdo-noise crowd that seems to indorse bands like Modern Witch, but this album is a real gem. Denver’s music scene is great at what it does, and what it does is usually Americana rock-and-roll or metal. This is not to say that Denver doesn’t have a great goth or hip-hop scene, or that kids aren’t making crazy whacked-out shit that would probably blow my mind if I heard it, but the Denver public just doesn’t care about these genres.  This lack of support results in a lack of creation, and we end up with less original tunes and more crap from the Fray (sorry Fray, you’re an easy target).

So, Modern Witch is a great fucking band, and this album is a great fucking album. Low-fi, droney, psychedelic tunes for just about everyone. Some tracks are spacey and abstract and others are super poppy and straight forward. Whatever vibe Modern Witch is going for, it’s a vibe I can get down with. And so can you.

Check out some of the new tunes here.


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