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Scot Lefavor: street cred with gallery credentials.

Posted in Social Life by fkngmtns on October 15, 2009

There is a common misconception that graphic designers must be good artists. That myth must stem from the early days of design when an artist’s wit and intelligence trumped the latest Adobe software, and printmakers were hailed for their cunning ability to construct beauty from original thoughts. 

Now, a designer can create work without any true artistic intuition. Concepts and ideas are developed with little heart and even less soul. And so, it is often the case that when a graphic designer pursues an artistic career, it is simply a bad idea (with a fancy Flash introduction).

Thank God for Scot Lefavor.

Lefavor’s work is rooted in design, but guided by street art. Since his arrival in Colorado in 2001, his reputation as an artist has grown primarily from his presence outside of the galleries. 

Heavy spray-can techniques and wheatpastes throughout the alleyways of Denver have developed Scot’s work into a brilliantly accessible form. Thick lines and simple stencil contours create a well-defined brand that has become associated with the young artist. Along with a heavy social commentary—ranging from Obama support to reefer smoking—Lefavor’s work is the kind of contemporary street art you don’t mind seeing in a gallery. Did we mention he’s available for freelance graphic design? 

Photo: Ryan Resch


(Anthony Farfalla)

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