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Food Is Revolution

Posted in Social Life by fkngmtns on September 21, 2009

Twice a month, Pablo’s Coffee hosts a farmers market along their sidewalk. There are no tents, or large trucks. Nobody has a company banner or logo-endorsed shirt. There aren’t even signs indicating how organic and local the vegetables are.  That’s because this is not a real farmers market.  There are no farmers, per se.

The sign says it all.

All the food sold at the Guerrilla Farmers Market comes from the backyards of Denver homes.  Families and households that have extra produce from their personal gardens can set up a table and sell/trade their fruits alongside other urban gardeners.  The idea of eating local takes on a more heartfelt meaning when the tomatoes you are squeezing come from a garden three blocks away.

With all the ‘green’ hype that’s going around pushing local foods, this type of action is a significant step in the right direction.  Besides creating fashionable trends in eating local organic produce, developing urban gardens that can feed urban communities may become a more sustainable solution to a few of our world’s little environmental problems.

farmers market (joe & crystal)

Crystal and Joseph, your local guerrillas.


If you want to check out the next Guerrilla Farmers Market, send an email here:

If you want a garden of your own, check out  

If you hate local produce, you can go fuck yourself.

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