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Tony and El Brian do Europe (Bangin’ the Queen)

Posted in Tales From the Road by fkngmtns on June 18, 2009

Tony: London is a shit hole.

The imperial catastrophe that is London, is filled with annoyingly drunk white people and saucy club kids who think hi-fives suck. I understand why America got the hell away from this little nightmare when they did. We arrived in the city super late, and were in desperate need of some sleep and food. However, after speaking with a young Italian about the club scene, we opted for an all-night rager at Club Fabric. Drum and Bass, raver kids, and a bunch of bad drugs, made the evening one to remember (or at least mention in a scrap book). Seriously, of the 10 pills that were purchased, I’m pretty sure we consumed more baking soda than narcotics. But the music was good and the $9 beers were decent.

Brian: Fabric is awesome. That’s all I have to say about London.

These ones have stars.

Which one is real?

Tony: Brighton was much better. We bunked with my old rocker pal, Andy, who played in some funky Brit-rock bands back in the day. He told us a hundred stories about being on various BBC shows, and tyring to score with young birds in South America. Good mate.

Brian: Andy is one of the raddest dudes I’ve ever met. He may also be the fastest man on the entire planet. Walking with him was like you were in a race to see who could get to the next block first. Besides being The Flash, Andy is also an awesome DJ. We got to listen to him play before & after a pretty decent cover band (funk music), who were treated like rockstars by the shitloads of locals that show up for all of their gigs.

My favorite part of Brighton was the BBQ we went to at Andy’s girlfriend’s house. I sat all day listening to Tony speak Spanish with Andy, some very attractive Spanish/Argentinian women & their friends. We ate, smoked spliffs & drank beer all day. Amazing.

Tony: While in Brighton we heard about a naked bike ride, and figured it would be a good chance to meet the locals. Andy warned us that the English aren’t the most attractive people to view naked, especially in the early days of Summer, but Brighton is known for its liberal policies on nudity and embraces this kind of behavior. Needless to say, we saw alot of dick.

Brian: Tons of dick.

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