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FM06 This Friday

Posted in FM News, We Party Pretty Hard by fkngmtns on April 11, 2009

FM06 is set to drop this Friday, April 17 at the DVLP Warehouse (2501 Champa). Why the delay? Here is a possible reason why:

FM resident DJ El Brian has become a Lucha Libre wrestler.

El Caballo Grande

El Brian has left the magazine to pursue a career as a professional Luchadore. His departure has left a sorrowful hole in the FM family, and has also left us without a DJ. So, we were forced to push the launch back a bit until we can find a replacement for El Brian. In response to criticism that El Brian, now known as El Caballo Grande, doesn’t know the first thing about Lucha Libre, our former DJ stated, “I’m from Pueblo, dude. I can whip anybody’s ass.”

Fair enough.

El Caballo Grande, you will be missed.

Check out El Brian here!

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