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Breaking News: FM06 Has Been Postponed

Posted in FM News, We Party Pretty Hard by fkngmtns on April 7, 2009

This Friday’s launch of FM Issue 06 has been pushed back to NEXT FRIDAY, APRIL 17. Here are some possible reasons why:

  1. Tony got in a motorcycle accident and broke his tailbone.
  2. Our friends who play in a very popular French electronic DJ duo (friends of friends, really) told us they could play our party at the very last minute but, due to their rigorous tour schedule, would only be available next week—and the opportunity was too good to pass up. 
  3. FM Mag is a bunch of cockteases, and we really like making you wait because we know our shit is so good.
  4. Laura got an ear infection, and she’s our homegirl—which means no partying until she’s better.
  5. We wanted to build an even bigger piñata.
  6. Due to our sometimes racy content, we have been charged with distributing “pornography” and we have to meet with our lawyers on Friday.
  7. Tuyet is having a nervous breakdown, and has admitted herself to the hospital for “exhaustion.”

All will be revealed Friday, April 17 at the DVLP Warehouse, 2501 Champa St. Doors at 7 p.m. $5 suggested donation to benefit the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

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