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Buds, Blondes, and Copenhagen

Posted in Tales From the Road by roadeagle on December 12, 2008
Andrew from Git Some.

Andrew from Git Some.

November 24th, 2008

Ok, fucken Copenhagen!

We drove from Hamburg. It was raining a little and gloomy as hell. We had to pay 45 euro (60+ dollars) to cross the Great Belt Fixed Link Bridge. It was fucken sketchy. It’s separated into two bridges: east and west. Together they are over 45,000 feet long, and all we could see was ocean on both sides, and the visibility in front of us only stretched a few car lengths. Good times!

The show was at a place called Lades, which is in the basement of a building situated within an outdoor shopping district—pretty fancy. Lot of fur coats. Lots of people walking around in spite of the shitty weather. We loaded in, and got handed a spliff to smoke by one of the guys in the opening band (Doddening), which was awful nice, really. Then we decided to go on a quest for coffee, and found what is quite possibly, the finest 7-11 in existence. Flatscreen TVs greeted you with the latest news. Fine wines lay lavishly behind the cashier. Some of the fanciest sandwiches lay waiting for hungry shoppers in designer-glass refrigerated display units. None of that was of any interest—aside from the fact that the place looked more like a fine dining market than a 7-11—we were looking for coffee, man. We found it!

They had the most high tech, self-serve espresso/cappuccino machine ever! It even had it’s own flat screen TV on it! Wow, right? No shit. We made ourselves space cappuccinos from within a 7-11 of the future. Brings a tear to your eye, really. Knowing what pleasures lie ahead for us back home, in the land of ghetto 7-11s, we can only wait.

Copenhagen is known for its incredible artwork.

Copenhagen is known for its incredible artwork.

Our lovely promoter, Andreas, brought us to eat at a super awesome, all-you-can-eat, serve yourself place called Riz-Raz. It was good as fucken hell!! You take your plate not to a buffet bar, but a kitchen from a Martha Stewart magazine that’s full of gigantic serving platters of all kinds of healthy vegetarian shit to eat. So fucken good! It was hard as hell not to over stuff ourselves. I personally can’t really eat much before we play, or I’ll throw up everywhere and shit out my spleen at the same time—not such a good time like you might think.

At any rate, the opening band was hard to get thru. I wasn’t in the best mood, but I was trying really hard. I was tired and sore from sitting in that fucken van all day and I was starting to get a cold, but Andreas gave us some buds, and the sound guy gave us a nice big chunk of black hash. Fuck yeah! Thanks fellas! The set ripped. We fucken killed it again.

Copenhagen is seemingly full of hot, skinny blonde women. I’m not even trying to exaggerate. They’re around every corner, or sitting at a table in the corner, drinking wine, and smoking their cigarette like they are Scandinavian goddesses. It’s painful… but you know what I say… F.I.D.

Copenhagen=good one.

Off to Halden, Norway…


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