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Giving Thanks.

Posted in I Am An FM Intern by internface on November 27, 2008

First off, I want to thank Mishka NYC for hooking it up. I had been looking for a good biking jacket and ordered their Spetsnaz Mark II jacket recently and also recieved a free beanie. 35% off if you use the coupon code GETPITTED for the Spetsnaz Mark II jacket.

I would also like to thank Shell for actually doing something cool for once, instead of just reminding us of how they constantly fuck us and the earth over. One of their ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) caught sight of an insane squid.

Thanks Toshiba for making a cool commercial even though I would never buy one of your computers.

I’d lastly like to thank whoever created this word (Gavin McInnes is the only person with something intelligent to say about it).

– Clay

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