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The Joys of Harassing Interns.

Posted in I Am An FM Intern by internface on November 12, 2008

My name is Maggie. I am also an FM intern. I am an alcoholic enabler and a strict, law-abiding citizen with a fondness for gambling, grammar, and meeting parents. I, too, am hoping to graduate in the near future. (“Near future” seems vague enough, right?) Naturally, I’m way better at life than Clay. He is my friend and all, but have you seen him play putt-putt golf? It’s fucking pathetic. Plus, I totally caught him cheating off my notes while we were judging that amateur strip contest.

I have never “blogged” and am pretty curious to see what all the craze is about. It’s just like an on-line diary open to the public, right? Have you read some of the blogs out there? Oh man. I’m thinking that Tony and Tuyet should rename this “I Am An FM Intern” blog something like “Torture Is Fun!”

I don’t know what I would have wrote on the this intern blog, until I was told I would be able to advertise a slice of the Clay-pie and whore him off a blind date to my own choosing. On Craigslist. Oh, the evil laugher! It hardly seems fair that he will also be choosing a stranger for me to harass. In fact, it seems totally sketchy, considering I’m just a girl and all… and you know Clay can always defend himself from some frisky middle-aged cougar I choose for him. Or not? I mean, maybe that’s his thing.  I think I’ll give him my bear mace, just in case.

– Maggie Moody


This is a photo of me wearing a shirt I made of a photo I took of Clay covered in four, precious little kittens.  He says he is terrified of small, furry creatures. (It is total coincidence that he happens to be wearing the same outfit, as that photo was taken in Brooklyn.)

P.S. No, we are not related. He’s from Kentucky, gross.

Editor’s Note: It’s true, in a couple of weeks we’re going to force Maggie and Clay to go on Craiglist blind dates from profiles that they have to write for each other. Suckers. Stay tuned to see what happens.


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