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Git Some Find Real Anarchists in Germany!

Posted in Tales From the Road by roadeagle on November 12, 2008

Chuck and Neil doing Europe right.

Chuck and Neil doing Europe right.

Early November. Germany.

Greetings from Vincenza, Italy!

I awoke this afternoon from a terrible dream that John McCain had won the election, and I was running around Vincenza screaming, “NOOOO!!!!” But I awoke with the sun shining in blue Italian skies with news that Obama won. All the locals I’ve spoken to are happy about it, and I’ve gotta say that I am, too. Fuckin’ relieved, but what, and how fast, if at all, will anything change? We just hafta wait and see.

Fuck yeah! Anarchists! Real anarchists! Ones who have actual fascist, Nazis to fight!! Wait, we have those, too. But still, they have their shit together.

These are the German squats that we’ve played:

Ak44 (Geissen) is a venue, community center/info shop and home. They also sell beer. They made us some awesome vegan food for dinner, and gave us a hell of a breakfast spread. The entire bottom floor is dedicated to shows—fuck yeah!—and they have a foosball table (they call it kicker). Our friends Steffan and Stefan came to the show with a big bottle of Jack. There weren’t many people there, but FID (Fuck It Dude), we ripped it up for the ten peeps that were.

AK44, German Squatt.

AK44, German Squat.

Atari (Liepzig) is just a DIY venue run by some anarchist kids. They made us some of the best fried-tofu I’ve ever had, and coconut curry mashed potatoes? Fuck yes! We also got some nice smelling grass to smoke. The show was packed. The first band broke our bass drum head, they were fucking awesome, and it was their first show. They were called Vyst (pronounced “voost”), and they killed it. We were stoked-as-fuck to rock. We slept at duder’s house (I fuckin’ forgot his name), but we all piled into his bedroom, and he went and slept at his girlfriend’s house. So everyone got a mattress, but I took the floor, which was not the best decision, but FID. We had a hell of a nice breakfast the next day, and hit the road.

Drunk, Drunker, Drunkest.

Atari Squat. From left: Drunk, Drunker, Straight Edge.

Lokal is in Berlin. It’s real close to the giant TV tower in Berlin that looks like a gigantic soccerball on an enormous spike in the ground. The venue is run by the people who live in the squat up the street. The squatted building has been there for a long time, and houses about ninety people. Everyone who works in the venue works for free. Lokal has a sweet bar, killer PA and is real comfy. We likey! The sound guy handed us spliffs while we set up—hell of a way to feel welcome, really. They fed us vegan gyro things that were good as fuck. We ripped it up like a fucking wolf!

Hafenklang Exil in Hamburg is super awesome. It’s got a huge bar upstairs, and a giant venue downstairs. Like all the others, the entryways and bathrooms are covered in graffiti and stickers. Some killer stuff, really. They housed us a few doors down from the club in a room full of bunkbeds. Good times, but cold as fucking hell! We played with a band from the states called The Despised. They’re from Atlanta—good kids—buncha old birds who like the noisy punk a la Exploited and such. I hung out with the singer, Rotknee, till the wee hours drinking at the Cobra Bar. We got wasted smoking joints and doing shots of Jager, watching all these drunk German girls make out with each other. Good times! This guy Jan (pronounced “yan”) was trying to work his way into the action. He tried and tried, but no dice! Ha! I made him bring me back from the club to the bunkbed room (there was no fucking way I could find that shit on my own). I guess we walked by the club where the Beatles used to play back in the day. All I remember is that it was bright as hell, bright as the sun, really.

IVI (Frankfurt) is a building that was owned by the university (don’t know which one) and had laid dormant for about 4 years. There were problems with the heating system (pipes used to heat the actual floors) and the electrical system is fucked up, too. But one day a buncha kids busted in, and threw all kinds of stuff out the windows. Now a buncha kids live there, and they have shows and political demonstrations. The lady that put the show on for us didn’t live there but is a friend of our booking guy, Mike. I guess she’s a rich kid who likes to act like a dirty punk/activist, which is cool cuz she has resources for things (apparently not for bands on tour from the states cuz we only got paid 80 euros, not 200 which was our guarantee). But there’s a lot of fucked up, right-wing (neo-Nazi) bullshit going on in Germany, and they need all the help they can get to fight that shit.

Ok goy!

More to come!!!

Hugs n’ kisses,

Git more Git Some here.


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  1. internface said, on November 12, 2008 at 5:52 am

    i like reading these!

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