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Short on Gas, Looking for Grass.

Posted in Tales From the Road by roadeagle on November 1, 2008

Luke of Git Some.

Luke of Git Some.

October 31, 2008

Howdy, I am in Leon, Spain. We got put up in the youth hostel. Awful nice place they got here, bunk beds and everything, but the shower is cold as fuck!

We went to France. Le Havre, it’s in Normandy, which pretty much got annihilated in WWII, so all the buildings in town are new. Our good friend Rulio put the show together at an Irish pub, which is kinda weird… and since we had to cross borders, we didn’t bring any grass to smoke, so we were all kinda stressed. Plus, our driver almost ran the van out of gas—TWICE! We got a Mercedes Sprinter (that’s how we roll, y’all), which runs on diesel; so if you run a diesel engine outta gas, you will fuck it up real bad.

We got off the ferry and drove through the countryside. It’s awful pretty. Lotsa farmland, but there ain’t a goddamn gas station in sight, except for this “automatiq” one that only takes credit cards, and then only credit cards that have a chip in them (cards here all have chips. Don’t make a lick of sense, really). So we couldn’t get gas there. We drove s’more. We were riding on fumes when we blindly came into a town and found another gas station. But again, they didn’t take cash. Just cards with that fucking chip thing. Andrew tried to talk about it with one of the locals, who just dumped a mouthful of French out on his ass, sending him back to the van in a daze of WTF? Our driver stepped in (he’s Italian and doesn’t speak French) and got some guy to put 40 euros on his card in exchange for gas.

Crisis averted.

From Le Havre we went into Germany for four days of shows in squats. Fuck yeah. I hope to have some photos of that shit next time. For now, happy-fucking-Halloween. We’ll be in Madrid tonight.


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