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Git Some is Most Definitely Not Sober.

Posted in Tales From the Road by roadeagle on October 31, 2008

Chuck from Git Some. Shreddin' the nar.

Chuck from Git Some! Shreddin' the nar.


The van got towed and it cost Rainer (he’s renting the van to us) a shitload of money to get it out.

We cruise to Stansted Airport—it’s on the other side of town—to pick up our booking agent/driver (Mike) and his lady (Beatrice). They’re flying in from Italy, and Mike is taking Beatrice on tour with Git Some for her 22nd birthday (which was September 20th). What a gift! Fuck. “Yeah, baby. Rock tour for a month with the dirtiest dudes from the States I could get. I love you, baby.”

Our two new Italian friends and our new German friend were getting along fine. All mishaps aside, we went back to our good friend Matt Flag’s joint to chill the fuck out. Unknown to my associates, I smuggled a little bit of grass into the country. They thank me so dearly for not telling them what I did, and they were fuckin’ so stoked we made it.

The first show of tour was a fuckin’ blast. There were around 300 people there, and it turns out that there was another show at the space two doors up. I saw a rad math rock band called Nikovsky play. Got me stoked to rock. Plus that made for a hell of a good ol’ street party. Our good friends Pharoas played (not sure on the spelling). They fuckin’ ripped. Another band played too, but I forgot who they were—I was busy catching up to some dear old chaps, if you will…

So, it’s been about a week of shows in the UK, and we’ve done a lot. We saw some old shit like a cathedral built in 1092, and a castle built by William the Conqueror’s dudes… We hooked up with our good buddies The Young Livers in Leeds…We played upstairs from an Oasis tribute band in Leicester… We ate a lot of shitty food… Had some good beers… The bartender in Ashford gave us some hash… We got lost and drove over the tower bridge in London a few times… And we almost missed our ferry to France.

Sorry its taken so long for the update. We’re recovering from a 21-hour ride two days ago? Yesterday? Fuck. We went from Norway (the Feelgood Bar, where Big Daddy does the booking, and he don’t fuck around) to the Netherlands (just north of Amsterdam), getting there just in time to set up and play. Andrew got wasted on scotch and threw up; Luke got shat on by a bird; and Neil and I bought a bunch of hash.

We’re in Frankfurt now, and going to France tomorrow. It’s 4 a.m. and we have another eight hour drive tomorrow…. Talk to you soon.

Hey guys…. WOW right?



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