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Git Some Arrives in England

Posted in Tales From the Road by roadeagle on October 23, 2008

Git Some! From left: Luke, Neil, Andrew, and Chuck.

October 10, 2008

When our plane landed, I was very excited about getting off my ass. I’d been trying to sleep through that Will Smith movie—where he’s the drunk superhero guy or whatever—then some movie with that lady from Aliens. It’s all a blur.

We get off the plane and have to go through immigration before we can get to our bags and equipment. No big deal. Our story is that we’re on vacation (holiday) and are going to London to visit our good friend Matt, who is going to house us whilst we’re in London. Then we’re going to travel around the U.K. for two months, enjoying the scenery, the food, the nightlife, what-have-you, you see? Well, they got suspicious.

They started asking questions, the first one being if we had any proof that we were returning to the U.S., something like a printout of our itinerary (which I forgot to do before we split Denver). We were sent to the British Airways counter to get one, no problem, and back we went.

They still didn’t believe that we were just there to visit for two months.

They asked about our jobs in the States; wanted to see how much money we were carrying; did we have credit cards; why did I have a working visa stamp on my passport from 2006? Fuckin-A. Somehow we did it. After disappearing for about an hour into a room with mirrors for windows, the security guard emerged, taking his fucking sweet time getting to us. But, he let us go. Fuck yeah.

Next step was making sure our gear was still going around in circles on the baggage claim carousel. Yes! Then we find the German guy we rented the van and backline from. Yes! His name is Rainer and he’s got red hair and glasses! There he is! Alright, things are going smooth. We get to the van and it’s been put on a tow truck. A big giant policeman is trying to pry the door open to release the parking break. A plump woman officer is standing by on the curb. Rainer is confused—I guess he didn’t realize that you probably shouldn’t park the van in the fucking passenger pickup area.

The lady cop is fuckin’ pissed. She’s yelling at Rainer, “There could’ve been a bomb in there! How would we know? We’d’ve cleared the whole terminal!”  Then she started saying something about Germans, and I said, “Hey, we’re sorry. We’re Americans. We didn’t know. What do we have to do to fix this?”

The giant cop got friendly. He’s got some shitty tattoos on his forearms. I’d like to have a few beers with this guy (good times) but he told me that I had to go to the police impound yard. It’s gonna cost £200 to get it out, plus the ticket for £40 (that’s about 500 dollars). Ok, so Rainer’s not the guy with the most common sense. He is a new dad, though, got a little girl named Ida. Anyway, so we got the van back and got on the fucking road to London town. Jolly good!

Adios for now amigos!


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