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FM Goes to Red Rocks | Part I

Posted in Fucking Monolith by fkngmtns on August 16, 2008

Welcome to Fucking Monolith. Stay tuned week-by-week as we countdown to the “biggest festival” (their words, not ours) ever to come to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. We’ll be picking through the Monolith line-up and posting reviews and interviews from select festival-bound acts. It won’t always be pretty–but it’ll always be honest.


Cloud Cult
Feel Good Ghosts (Tea Partying Through Tornadoes)

Feel Good Ghosts (Tea Partying Through Tornadoes) is like the calm before the storm. And then the storm. And then the wreckage that the storm caused. And the family with a heart of gold who rises from the ashes of their ruined home and are grateful to just have each other. Cloud Cult, with their latest album, prove themselves cream of the DIY crop. Within 13 tracks, the Minnesotan eight-piece experiment with chipmunk vocals, regal strings and synthesized keys–all recorded on their own eco-friendly label. Stories of ill-fated first loves, natural disasters, and strength of the human spirit make Feel Good Ghosts powerfully intoxicating and universally timeless. [Laura Webb]

Cloud Cult plays Friday, 9/12, Bluebird Theater (Monolith Kick-Off Party)

A Mad & Faithful Telling

After How It Ends was released in 2004, Denver’s Devotchka had some big shoes to fill. The wait for their latest, A Mad & Faithful Telling is understandable even without an album of cover songs and some wonderful film scores keeping them busy. Within the first seconds of the eerie yet danceable, tempo rollercoaster “Basso Profundo” it’s clear that they’ve not simply filled but outgrown their clownishly large shoes. The quartet’s most varied offering yet, Mad never lets up. “Head Honcho” highlights the accordion so beautifully it seems unbelievable every band doesn’t need one, while “Transliterator” blurs the line that defines pop, with a melody so catchy it would seem right at home on any major radio station. Rest assured there is plenty of the lovesick crooning front man Nick Urata does so well, “Undone” in particular finds him warning God himself to stand aside, sins atoned for or not, as he makes his way back to his lost love. In the end Mad is a triumph that, once unleashed on the Mile High City will ensure no dregs of whiskey are safe. [Ryan Nobles]

Devotchka plays 10: 30 pm Saturday, 9/13, Main Stage at Red Rocks


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