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God, no, not Coldplay.

Posted in How Not to Run a Magazine by fkngmtns on May 26, 2008

On a long enough time line, all music becomes Coldplay. Seriously. Tony and I put in 20-hour work days last week finishing up the new issue and through all those long hours we realized that no matter what Pandora station we put on, inevitably it would turn to Chris Martin. Try it for yourself. It is both exhilarating and wholly disappointing.

So last week was pretty brutal (Parachutes aside). When I say 20-hour work days, I literally mean twenty hours. Yeah, we had food breaks, but otherwise it was bang-a-gong for four days straight. During the early morning hours, we wouldn’t talk to each other. The lack of sleep and nutrition made us both a bit cranky and uncommunicative. But by lunch, one of us would crack a joke and the bad air would clear out.

Tony and I are good like that.

Both of us were exhausted and delirious by the end of it; our right arms ached from the monotonous mouse-clicking; and our eyes were all-night-coke-binge-red from staring at the computer screen.

Now it’s the eve before FM03 gets sent off to the printer and I am excited, relieved, anxious, nervous––all the usual giddiness and doubt that comes up right before an issue launch. But we’re not through yet. There’s still the party this Friday (see here) and then, well, who knows what. Listening to more Coldplay, I guess. See you all at the DAM.

❤ tuyet


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