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Posted in How Not to Run a Magazine, We Party Pretty Hard by fkngmtns on April 29, 2008

“Has anybody seen Chris?”

It’s Saturday afternoon, mere hours before the very first FM Office Party, and our events coordinator is nowhere to be found. Great. I know he’s not answering his phone because, well, it’s been sitting on Tony’s desk at the office collecting unread text messages and unheard voice mails for the last four days. Even better.

I feel caught in some sort of running gag.

It’s called “The-day-of-the-party-and-where-the-fuck-is-everyone?” This happens every time. Tony and I end up spending most of the day problem-solving, talking down panicked party planners, putting out the small fires handed to us. The chaos has all but become a bit too routine.

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Chris is MIA and we don’t enough beer for the party.

Eventually I call Chris’ roommate who tells me that he thought he saw Chris leave with Olivia (whose clothing line Shoot the Wounded, incidentally, will be featured in the upcoming issue) and I call Olivia who’s at City o’ City where Chris is working and I call City o’ City to talk to Chris who tells me he has the extra beer but he won’t be at the venue until half an hour before the party starts because, you know, he’s working and doesn’t get off until late.

Well, at least I know we have enough beer.

Last Call: The party was packed. I guest-bartended at my own event and (I think) I got a lot of people drunkity-drunk-drunk. There were little post-party damages to report. And we even have some limited edition FM shirts leftover to sell (link to be posted soon). Thanks to El Brian, DreDay, Adam Sikorski, The Shoppe, and all the party people for not puking on the floors or breaking anything.

4/26 FM Office Party Pics:

Jen Nordhem (of Cycle Jerks)

Denver Connect

Got pics? Please post ’em here. Or email a link to:


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