fm magazine is cutting jeans into shorts

First, the gays.

Posted in How Not to Run a Magazine by fkngmtns on April 12, 2008

In the first issue of FM, Tony wrote:

Everybody asks me, “What’s FM?” … I want to tell them that we are the gun that killed JFK; the airplane that delivered the Beatles; the orgasm that created baby Jesus. I want them to understand so badly what we are.

I answer: “We are a lifestyle magazine. You know, we write about life and stuff.”

He had been reading a lot of Dave Eggers at the time. The next morning we sent the pages to the printer and for the next week we scammed plastic cups, cut our hair, and avoided death. By that weekend, we were sipping free vodka at our own launch party and glowing with that kind of new-parent pride. Everybody came (which is true) and everybody left with a copy of the magazine (which is probably true).

A few months later, through much of the same sweat and panic of the first round, we put out issue number two. The mag was slicker, the party bigger, and we were totally in love with everything. Everybody came (twice the numbers this time) and everybody left enthused and inspired and drunk (which is totally true).

Right now we’re in between that issue and the next. It’ll be a few more weeks until issue number three (and the launch of the new web site). In the meantime, we’re fighting the sophomore slump, growing our hair out, and leaping before we look. Wish us luck.


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